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Teacher's Assistant

Scottsdale, AZ
The Position

Teacher's Assistant is needed to support instruction to a private cohort of four children in an in-home classroom environment. The students are relatives and include three students in grade 5 and one in grade 2. The Teacher's Assistant will collaborate with he children’s teachers from the school and the parents to create a connection between the classroom and the student that promotes learning.

The position is preferably at the students’ home for three hours a day, Monday through Friday. There is the possibility of some combination of remote and in-person work, though at least some in-person work is required to provide the children with more hands-on and direct support. Energy and enthusiasm are key requirements for this role, with it being focused on helping the students stay interested and motivated to complete the curriculum that has been prepared by their school teachers and the parents.
The primary responsibilities of this private Teacher's Assistant include the following:
  1. Provide constructive feedback to help the students find and fix their own errors.
  2. Create a fun, high energy and interactive learning environment 
  3. Coordinate a comprehensive work plan prior to meeting with the students in order to lay out goals and have all supporting materials prepared.
  4. Supplement standard curriculum with group projects that may involve art, STEM, geography, etc. These are meant to be learning opportunities through fun projects and a way to help break up the day, in addition to burning off some of the students’ energy!
Desired Experience, Skills, and Abilities
  • Bachelor’s Degree required (it does not have to be in Education or a related field)
  • Desire and love for children and for teaching; the ability to keep up with children of all ages in a home-school environment 
  • Experience and/or Training with the Montessori Method (or similar hands-on technique) is preferred, but not required, as is experience with dyscalculia
    • Please note that not having this experience does not rule a candidate out for the position
  • Passion and patience for helping others learn and succeed
  • A valid driver’s license, as this position will occasionally require the ability to drive for work
Compensation, Benefits and Structure
This is a part-time position working approximately 15 hours per week, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The family is ready for the tutor to start August 22 and the position will continue throughout the fall semester and beyond. Exceptional candidates can expect competitive market-based compensation (translation - a really good hourly rate!), the chance to make an impact, and the ability to structure a schedule that is mutually agreeable.

The Recruitment Process
The recruitment process includes a phone interview, a web-based interview, an interactive meeting (opportunity to meet the students and interact with him), pre-employment assessments, and a background check.
The family is an Equal Opportunity Employer!

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