Location: Ludington, MI
Date Posted: 04-10-2018
The Company
Hardman Construction, Inc. is a bridge, foundation and geotechnical contractor based in Ludington, Michigan. For over 30 years, the Company has relied on the combined strengths of its skilled tradespeople and management team to build a reputation for quality, safety, and profitability.  The Company performs work in a highly specialized and technical segment of the construction industry, which creates the opportunity for long-term careers for its team of over 100 employees.   
Hardman Construction’s project list includes many new bridge construction projects in Michigan, bridge renovation and restoration projects, and hundreds of projects in the specialty foundation and earth retention industry. Some recent project highlights for the team include:
  • Large-scale earth retention project at the new Red Wings Arena in Detroit
  • Construction of the M-231 bypass bridge in Grand Haven
  • Earth retention for the Campus Crossroads building at the University of Notre Dame
  • Micropile foundations for the Federal Court House in Detroit
  • Specialty foundations at Spectrum Health’s East Grand Rapids Expansion
  • Rebuilding the Country Road 420 bridge over the Escanaba River in Delta County
Given the demanding and technical nature of the heavy civil construction that Hardman performs, employees have the opportunity to work on diverse project types in Michigan and beyond. Our team is fortunate to be able to see the physical result of over 1000 projects that the Company has worked on over the years.  

The Position
The Company is adding to its field operations team and is specifically targeting candidates that have an interest in building a long-term career in management in the construction industry. The Company has learned that the best way for someone to develop into a reliable leader is to work hands-on in a crew to develop a complete understanding of the specialized nature of Hardman’s scope of work.
The Superintendent-in-Training Position is a great match for someone that wants to remain site-focused and does not desire a long-term transition into a corporate office job. Superintendents are the lifeblood of the Company, acting as the director for all of the work that is performed in the field.
Field Tradespeople perform a wide-range of duties, from site preparation and layout to material and equipment set-up to working directly with the drill rigs to place foundations and piles. The work is physically and mentally challenging, but also rewarding and ever-changing. As a tradesperson progresses and shows the ability to think ahead, problem solve, and communicate effectively, he  or she earns the opportunity to progress into the Foreman (and ultimately the Superintendent role) and begins supervising the work.
Superintendents are typically the first people on the project, helping pre-plan for how the work will be performed safely and within the Company’s quality requirements. Our field supervisors have from 5 to 50 people reporting to them and are responsible for a fleet of equipment, including cranes, excavators, drill rigs, loaders, and more. 
Desired Experience, Skills, and Abilities (This is a Wish list - not a firm Requirement list)
  • Knowledge of, and/or experience in, construction and/or engineering
  • Completion of, or progress toward, a Civil Engineering or Construction degree program (or related area of study)
  • 100% commitment to safety
  • Mechanically-inclined and interested in working in a job that provides a mixture of working with your hands (and body) and your mind
  • Interest in working for a mid-sized company where individual efforts have an impact on the Company’s overall success (not a huge corporation where employees are just a number!)
  • Desire to live in Michigan long-term, but also willingness to travel during the week to projects around the state and into the Midwest
Compensation and Benefits
Hardman Construction is proud to be a union contractor. All Hardman Construction field trades and management positions include the following:
  • Competitive hourly rate or salary, based on position (and experience)
  • 100% employer-paid benefits, including coverage for the employee and his/her family
  • Pension program through the applicable union (Laborers, Carpenters or Operators)
  • Training and Development opportunities, including both on-the-job training and formal training programs
  • Opportunity for long-term work with a single employer that is committed to doing work in and around the state of Michigan
The Recruiting Process
The Company will conduct an introductory phone interview and then an in-person interview prior to hire. All Hardman Construction employees must successfully pass a pre-employment background check, drug test, and physical examination.

Hardman Construction, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer!


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